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I am looking for single, white, female dwarfs who don't mind smoking a cigar now and then. This is purely for research purposes.

Long Live Mitch Albom!

Since this is now an acceptable form of “creative” journalism (Click Here) I am writing this concert review:

On Sunday, May 22, 2005 – Loki, Bear, DJ Webb and Storm went to see The Doves in concert at the Theatre of Living Arts (TLA) in Philly. All of us were worried that the show might be canceled due to the ongoing throat infection of the lead singer, Jimi Goodwin. When the Doves took the stage we quickly heard Jimi’s vocals and realized we were in for one hell of a show. The Doves opened the show with an extended version of “Black and White Town” they then transitioned into “The Pounding”. After “The Pounding” the concert was one wild rollercoaster ride with some of the Doves more mellow tunes and some of their more electrified tunes being played. The Doves demonstrated a strong stage presence as band members often interacted with the audience by hollaring and throwing items into the crowd. The band’s wardrobe was typical English-casual attire with everyone wearing Jeans and some type of untucked t-shirt or button down shirt. After two encores the Doves ended their set list with the Dove’s classic, the “Last Broadcast”. The TLA was packed but the crowd was manageable and not as rough as many we have experience in the past. After three hours we walked away saying that we had gotten our monies worth and that we enjoyed the entire show.

I’ll post a couple pictures in the next few days too.

Don’t Believe The Truth

“LYLA”- Oasis’ new single shows some promise for us Oasis fans. The new album, called Don’t Believe the Truth is due out the end of May and many are eagerly awaiting its release. The release is creating so much hype that one website in the UK pulled an April fools joke by “leaking” the entire album. Of course no album has been leaked but the website has generated a ton of traffic.

I heard “Lyla” this evening on XM as I was driving home from work. I am not totally sure about how much I like or dislike the song. The song isn’t as pronounced and lyrically witty as some of their other lead-off album singles. I am hopeful there will be a variety of different song types on this album as the Lyla song style isn’t my preference. I want more kick ass, drug induced, anthem fighting songs by Oasis. “Lyla” is a good start, but only if they have the big guns waiting in the shadows.

Anyhow, you can tell me what you think. Here is the link to hear the song streaming (hot off the press).

Click Here

My Top Ten Albums

Okay, I haven’t posted in awhile but here are my top 10 albums ever.

  1. Oasis- Definitely Maybe. Tim and I, even though we are separated by a few hundred IQ points actually agree on something. This is one hell of an album. I saw them at Hammerjacks before they tore it down in Baltimore-before they became big in the states. I have tickets to see them in Philly this coming June. Hell yeah!
  2. The Doves – Last Broadcast. I find the album to be absolutely incredible and have been unable to find anything similar. Their riffs put me in a day-long trance. I get to see them in concert in mid-May and I can’t wait.
  3. Gun’s and Roses – Appetite for Destruction. I am clearly a product of the 1980’s big hair bands, including this one that marked the end of the era.
  4. Bon Jovi- Crossroads. It’s a best of album with a few “new releases” that also hit the billboard top twenty. My first CD I ever owned was Poison, after that it was all big haired 80’s rockers… out of all of them I stuck with listening to Jovi the longest. I am still a huge fan as I paid over $1,000 for tickets a year or so ago. Rock on.
  5. The Smiths – Best of Vol 1 and Vol 2. No album best of list should be without a Smiths album! These guys got me through my early teens without committing any major crimes against humanity.
  6. Beautiful South – Carry on up the charts. Another best of album, but wow these guys (and Gal) make great music. The vocals are some of the best I’ve ever heard.
  7. Andrew WK- His music energizes me and believe me I am difficult to energize! Ask Mike… typically only the mention of a Coke or a Crispy Crème will get me to move a few feet. This music is like musical Coke and donuts for me.
  8. Violent Femmes – Add it up. Yes, another greatest hits album. The Femmes got me through middle school, nuff said.
  9. Webb Bros. – Maroon. They have my surname and surprisingly have great music. Definitely a hint of the Femmes, Smiths, and The Doves in their sound.
  10. The Rocky Soundtrack(s) – Can you say Survivor? These soundtracks turn me into a machine.


I just finished watching the film, Garden State and let me say this flick took me by surprise. The characters were well developed, the script well written, the acting was above average, the cinematography was superb, the soundtrack was great, and most of all the movie just felt real. I believe the movie is a time capsule of life in the year 2000 and it seems to speak to real problematic themes that ultimately have no correct solution.

If you haven’t seen Garden State yet, I highly recommend you watch it STAT. It clearly deserves any type of praise or support you may have heard or read.

My productive response to lack of productivity

I have to add my brilliant opinions to both Mike and Tim’s post about GTD. GTD sounds like yet another framework to waste ones money. This is going to surprise little Mikey, but I no longer advocate the use of PDA for many of the same reasons you have listed in the earlier post. I have purchased three PDAs over the past 12 years. I was one of the first users of the modern PDA in that I was stupid enough to purchase the Apple Newton while in college. The Apple Newton was considered as portable as cell-phones were in the early 1980s – like talking on a grey masonry brick. Continue reading My productive response to lack of productivity

Presto Pizzazz Pizza Oven

I just purchased a Presto Pizzazz Pizza “oven” because my regular oven isn’t working. So rather than do the logical thing and get my oven fixed I decided to buy even more gadgetry for my home.

I love my pizza and my pizza loves me – so I was anxious to try the Pizzazz. The Pizzazz claims to cook Pizza from start to finish in less time than it takes for most conventional ovens to pre-heat. I decided to see how true this claim really is so I brought out my Pizzazz and cooked away. I cooked a frozen regular crust Tombstone Pizza in 17 minutes from start to finish. That isn’t bad considering it use to take my working oven over 12 to 15 minutes to pre-heat! Now that it doesn’t work correctly it takes about 2 hours to reach 400 degrees and it sometimes smokes.

I have cooked two pizzas on the machine so far. The pizza cooking quality is great. It browns the cheese and crisp the crust perfectly. I would recommend this product to anyone who is a big pizza eater like me. I don’t like the name though, it’s a bit gay. But then again so is my bedroom. I would change the name to the Presto Pizza Producer X (aka PPPX).

This is just an initial report; I plan to write a follow-up later. I may change my mind when I cook a pizza made from scratch or a rising dough pizza or if it burns my house down. It says not to cook anything but Pizza on the machine due to fire risk. I plan to cook fish sticks on the Pizzazz this coming week. Happy eating Jabba.

-DJ Webb


It appears nothing is sacred for men anymore. Women are now standing up to pee. Yes, that’s right… women are peeing while standing up by the tens of thousands! A new invention that is making its way through Europe called the “She Pee” is becoming very popular among female concert goers. Many of the large music festivals throughout Europe are using She Pees to cut down on the bathroom lines. The “new” technology allows many women to stand at the same time and use urinal trough to urinate into. Each lady is given a disposable paper/cardboard She Pee device that looks like a shoe. This is placed in the nether region and allows the woman to urinate standing up without any spillage. What next?

End of an era

A week ago, last Wednesday, January 12, 2005 at 12:05 pm 99.1 WHFS was taken off the air. 99.1 WHFS played “alternative” rock for almost twenty-eight years in the Washington/Baltimore area. They now play Latino/Spanish salsa music! 01-12-05 at 12:05 WHFS abruptly and without any type of warning to its listenership changed format and fired all of its employees.

Unfortunately, ratings were the reason for this format change. WHFS had become a secondary station for many radio listeners in the Washington/Baltimore area. As a matter of fact I didn’t even have WHFS programmed into my radio anymore.

I was a religious listener of WHFS while in high school and college and it never left my dial unless I traveled out of range. After all, WHFS was one of the leading stations in the area to break up in coming band such as “The Flaming Lips” and “Oasis”. Without WHFS I would have discovered “new” bands months later than WHFS would debut them. Without WHFS I would have never made it through the all-nighters where I stayed up writing papers or my thesis. They also aired “Loveline” every week night from 10pm until 12am which I listened to routinely and gained an informal education while in college.

Though I never attended one, WHFS put on one hell of a music festival every summer. I would often hear the festival broadcast live and often wished I was there (except the summer when several people where killed and injured from the lightening strike). The festivals are what people will probably miss most about WHFS.

Why the downfall of WHFS? Only the management can truly answer that question but I have two observations. One, WHFS Disc Jockeys often seemed as if they were talking down to their listeners and not to the listener. It was often hard to relate to the Disc Jockeys as they seemed far removed from reality at times. Second, the type of music they played, “alternative” while in style in the 1980s and 1990s is no long alternative. Alternative music has now become so fashionable that its now really considered mainstream rock and pop.

Yes, it’s sad to see something that was once such a staple in people’s lives come to such a downward spiral and eventual death. Now the competition is smaller as 98 Rock and DC 101 are the last of the remaining true “all rock” stations. I do like 98 Rock and their Disc Jockeys seem to be fairly entertaining but the music programming has a little to be desired. This is why, like H. Stern, I am switching to commercial free satellite radio next weekend. It was either learn Spanish and then date a Puerto Rican woman so that I could continue to occasionally listen to WHFS or just switch to something such as satellite radio as an excuse to spend more money and purchase more gadgetry for my vehicle.

“X” marks the spot

Two items: It appears the Mac product rumors I listed in last weeks post are all very true now. I am glad this is the case otherwise I would have been greatly disappointed.

Second, Committed (all new episode) comes on NBC tonight at 9:30pm. Please let me know what you think, post your comments!

Peak Ouch,

-DJ Webb

Thursday Tube in Review

Last night at 8:30pm I watched the second installment of NBC’s Committed. Committed is a romantic comedy that NBC hopes will become its next “Friends.” I saw the promos for the show since the late part of November 2004 and I must say I was intrigued.

Josh Cooke plays the leading male as Nate Solomon while Jennifer Finnigan plays the leading lady as Marni Fliss. The pilot show that debuted earlier this week begins with Nate and Marni as 20 something singles living in New York trying to find the perfect mate. Nate and Marni accidentally end up on a blind date together where they hit it off. They soon realize that they are each on the wrong blind date and that Nate had accidentally picked up the wrong person, Marni. As stereotypical plots go you can kind of figure the rest out on your own… they each return back to their correct blind dates and hate the experience and then end up dating each other a few nights later.

The shows writers try to spice things up by making Nate very neurotic and Marni as very compulsive and awkward. This is cute and entertaining for the first five minutes of the show but then this is overdone. Somehow it’s become cool to be mentally ill in television; more like its cool, hip, and fashionable to be mentally ill in society! I’ve noticed a ton of shows have gone the mentally ill route – look at Monk, Seinfeld and Will and Grace to name a few. Committed seems to be just reusing some “Something About Mary” discarded scripts.

All is not lost though; the show has one edgy and entertaining factor: Darius McCray who plays Bowie James. Bowie James plays a black man that is friends with Marni. Nate is extremely uncomfortable around Bowie who appears as the only person of color in the show. So how is this entertaining you ask? Bowie is not only black but he is in a wheelchair. That is where the true raw and witty humor of the show comes in. The show has so many borderline inappropriate handicapped jokes that I laugh so hard I forget to breath. Committed has more handicapped humor than any show I ever seen! Though “Becker” was a show that had its share with the black blind gentleman, Committed takes things to a whole new level.

Tom Poston who is best known from “Newhart” plays a clown that lives in Marni’s closet. Newhart was one of my favorite shows and seeing Tom play the Clown gives the show a slight Newharty feel. The clown role does add an entertaining dynamic to the show.

While I am not completely into the Nate and Marni mental illness love, I am hooked into the show by the handicapped humor. I have already Tivo(ed) the show and hope that Committed continues to roll out the sharp situational handicapped comedy. I encourage everyone to watch it just once and if you like the show Scrubs I am fairly certain you’ll enjoy watching Committed as the style of humor is similar.

-DJ Webb