My Top Ten Albums

Okay, I haven’t posted in awhile but here are my top 10 albums ever.

  1. Oasis- Definitely Maybe. Tim and I, even though we are separated by a few hundred IQ points actually agree on something. This is one hell of an album. I saw them at Hammerjacks before they tore it down in Baltimore-before they became big in the states. I have tickets to see them in Philly this coming June. Hell yeah!
  2. The Doves – Last Broadcast. I find the album to be absolutely incredible and have been unable to find anything similar. Their riffs put me in a day-long trance. I get to see them in concert in mid-May and I can’t wait.
  3. Gun’s and Roses – Appetite for Destruction. I am clearly a product of the 1980’s big hair bands, including this one that marked the end of the era.
  4. Bon Jovi- Crossroads. It’s a best of album with a few “new releases” that also hit the billboard top twenty. My first CD I ever owned was Poison, after that it was all big haired 80’s rockers… out of all of them I stuck with listening to Jovi the longest. I am still a huge fan as I paid over $1,000 for tickets a year or so ago. Rock on.
  5. The Smiths – Best of Vol 1 and Vol 2. No album best of list should be without a Smiths album! These guys got me through my early teens without committing any major crimes against humanity.
  6. Beautiful South – Carry on up the charts. Another best of album, but wow these guys (and Gal) make great music. The vocals are some of the best I’ve ever heard.
  7. Andrew WK- His music energizes me and believe me I am difficult to energize! Ask Mike… typically only the mention of a Coke or a Crispy Crème will get me to move a few feet. This music is like musical Coke and donuts for me.
  8. Violent Femmes – Add it up. Yes, another greatest hits album. The Femmes got me through middle school, nuff said.
  9. Webb Bros. – Maroon. They have my surname and surprisingly have great music. Definitely a hint of the Femmes, Smiths, and The Doves in their sound.
  10. The Rocky Soundtrack(s) – Can you say Survivor? These soundtracks turn me into a machine.

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  1. Good call on the Femmes and Andrew W.K. However… I didn’t see any Nelson. I still remember when you gave me taped copies of them and Winger them so I could expand my Weird Al collection.

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