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Interview with the CP kid

I was interviewed today for a young lady’s research paper. Thought I’d share with you my responses; knowledge is power.

[Mr. Webb sic] When I looked at your profile on I was unsure of your connection to cerebral palsy. Do you have CP or do you work with individuals that have CP? In any case, I compiled a couple lists of questions so you can answer those which are appropriate:

I have cerebral palsy and I work with folks with a wide spectrum of disabilities, including CP. My CP is mild compared to most, I walk with two canes for balance and have limited range of motion in my hips, legs, and feet. My speech, vision, and hearing is not effected. My cognitive ability, although some may beg to differ, is unaffected.

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If Ever I Had

What is this I hear going on about me?
Needing to conceal that I had little hope 
Perhaps I was worried about what wouldn’t be
Unsure if these feelings will ever know it’s not a joke

I pen this looking from the outside in
Delighted in revealing that thoughts can evolve
Calm shadows cast by generations of souls within
They would never have sought my help to solve

Outcomes, solutions, conclusions, the end
Later we will discover the epilogue’s brightness
Now we must adapt and bend and avoid the trends
Knowing that eternity will demonstrate her genius 

Casting and Crew Call -Independent Film

From the Director-

We are shooting a short independent film entitled “The Green Machine.” The film is narrative-driven and will be in the style of a children’s live-action television show. Similar shows include any of the Sid and Marty Krofft television shows (“Land of the Lost,” “Electra Woman and Dyna Girl,” “Sigmund and the Sea Monsters,” “Bugaloos,” “Far Out Space Nuts,” etc.) and “Dr. Who.”

The film will be shot on location at Camp Fairlee Manor in Chestertown, MD from March 17th-19th, 2006. While we cannot pay actors or crew, we can provide them with comfortable sleeping accommodations and meals.

Currently we are looking to cast 3 parts:

  1. a male lead,
  2. a female lead, and
  3. a male or female supporting character.

Because of our tight pre-production schedule, we would like to hold auditions for the roles as soon as possible, either this weekend (February 4th and 5th) or next (February 11th and 12th).

Any interested parties should feel free to leave a comment if interested.

Its in the mail

Camp Agreement

Its a done deal – the check and the contract are in the mail. Protozoic Film’s has the camp for March 17@10am until March 19 @ 7pm. We are staying in a cabin that holds 12 people. Get out your sleeping bags bitches.


Hoe I lang voor de dag dat mijn lippen deze prachtige geest kunnen opnieuw raken. Vind me en koop me voor Thom en hij zal u dubbel betalen wat u betaalde. Chestertown en de andere steden op de oostelijke kust van Maryland dragen dit niet, alstublieft me helpen dit vinden. -Thom

Thom's Bottles

A “short” Poem

I have a thing for Achondroplasic dwarfs
Not Geleophysic, Pseudoachondroplasic, or hypochondroplasic dwarfs
The other two hundred varieties of dwarf
apologies for not adoring, admiring, and appreciating your unique morphs

I’ll buy you a chicken coop to live-in
a hot-plate, stool, and wobbly table to get your knit on
Fully featured with adequately short linens
I see you cookin egg, tomato and mushroom with onions

Follow the yellow brick road
Wearing your shinny new specs and capris 
Down to my house with the little commode
Don’t get lost among the assorted spectrum of leaves