Protocon 2.0 vs Web(b) 2.0

In case anyone wanted the transcript of the closing remarks made by me during Protocon 2.0, I have posted them here. Thanks to those that attended, if we continue to have such a huge turnout, we will need to find a bigger venue next year!

                  Protocon 2.0 vs Web(b) 2.0
                   Closing Remarks by Thom

Thank you, Loki.

Protozoicons, Parents, Friends, Staff, and honored guest we have
come to the end of our annual Protocon 2.0 conference


We hope you enjoyed the conference, even though it lacked
roughage.  Your perseverance and determination have earned you a
well deserved spotlight that should be celebrated this afternoon.


This afternoon I am tasked with comparing Protocon 2.0 with Web
2.0.  This is a challenge for any speaker, especially me.


As you can see on the screen, Web 2.0 and Protocon 2.0 had a very
quick gestation period and even shorter lifespan.  Web 2.0 is
already on its way out, as the new term "Web 3.0" was recently
referenced in a technology article.  Protocon 3.0 was
also mentioned by several of the participants over the weekend.

(Show Slide A --- Briefly discuss figures and positive and
negative correlations)


Both Protocon 2.0 and Web 2.0 used Java to work properly.  While
Web 2.0 is big on using AJAX (this includes JAVA), Protocon 2.0
kept away from the harsh cleanser AJAX.


Protocon 2.0 didn't achieve everything it had hoped to achieve,
but it came close.  I too, at different times in my life have
been told what I couldn't achieve --- I think we have all been
there, some more than others.  One of the first memories I have
of being told what I couldn't achieve was when I graduate from
the sixth grade and was about to enter middle school.  My
grandmother told me, "Tommy, I'll be happy if you can hold a job
cleaning tables at McDonalds once you finish school."  I remember
looking at her and laughing, but then realized very quickly how
serious she was.  She came from a family where no one graduated
from college and goal setting was often over looked.  Her
statement shaped who I am today, because I've never forgotten her
words, even though she meant them in a very loving and caring
way.  To me, her statement was saying you can't achieve.


We all face some type of obstacle or obstacles in setting and
achieving our goals.  Some obstacles are mental, some physical,
some environmental, and some financial. Protocon 2.0 and Web 2.0
are here to help you achieve!


I leave you today with a challenge, a challenge to continue to
push yourselves and never give up on your protocon goals.  When
you face an obstacle, regroup and find a way to overcome the
obstacle.  If that doesn't work after several attempts, set new
protocon goals and move forward.

Once again, congratulations on your much deserved achievement
this evening.  Never give up on yourselves or your protocon goals
and remember as Mother Teresa said, "Life is a promise; fulfill

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  1. It was a very good speech. When you gave it, I know I saw Tim crying and I even think I saw Dick tearing up over Skype.

  2. Some of you apparently noticed my hasty departure in the middle of this speech and have commented on the pained look on my face at the time. Suggestions have been made that this was due to my disagreement with the speaker and topic as presented. I feel the need to clear the air on this issue and state for the record that such disagreement was certainly not the case.

    In point of fact I too found myself deeply moved by the speach… Or at least my bowels were moved by it, a turn of events which I actually found to be quite agreeable, especially in light of the roughage situation (or lack there of) mentioned in the talk.

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