The Wicker Man II: Fowlpurgisnacht

The Wicker Man II: Fowlpurgisnacht, completed during this year’s Proto-con 2.0, is the sequel to the 1973 classic The Wicker Man, directed by Robin Hardy. The Wicker Man II: Fowlpurgisnacht follows Pete, who while in search of duck, discovers more than he bargained for, namely the Wicker Man 2.

If you have trouble viewing the movie, please download the newest version of Quicktime.

8 thoughts on “The Wicker Man II: Fowlpurgisnacht

  1. When I look back at “The Boy in the Box” I see how far you all have come—I got teary eyed and know my $$$$ was well spent!!! Albright would be proud. However I’m not sure if the Albrightians could have pulled it off witout the imput of those who spent many years developing their talents and skills at Washington College, Wilmington College Swarthmore and Princeton. Anyone who says that education doesn’t brighten futures needs only to watch this movie! Mike (the bigger)

  2. Awesome, guys, absolutely awesome! The clip of Howard eating in the yard was a hysterical detail…brilliant. I was actually a bit scared when Mike started chasing Peter. Loved the cough at the end of the scream. Unbelieveably impressed by the quality, especially so knowing how long it took you to film it. Bravissimo!

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