site museum

Over the years, we’ve made a number of websites. Many of these have outlived their usefulness, if they were in fact ever useful. Instead of letting these sites die, they are going to be put here. The links below will take you to a short overview of the website where links to the website will be provided. In case I miss any links, most of these blog posts detailing old websites will have the tag site museum.

Chook Industries era, 2000-2004

Our main online output circa 2000-2004 was with Chook Industries related websites. This is mostly from the 2nd imagining of Chook Industries. As of this point, I’m not even sure the first version of Chook exists anymore. Cave of Trouble grew out of this. We eventually stopped updated these sites with the advent of protozoic in the fall of 2004.

Cave of Trouble

Cave of Trouble (CoT) is/was several things. The name that we made music under for one. It was also the band that worked for Chook Industries. It slowly morphed into only being a label for the music we made. Somewhere during the Chook era, we made a website for the band, and even touted the latest music we were working on, the Cigarette EP.

A slightly longer write up about Cave of Trouble can be found at this post and the original site can be found here.


I’m proud to say protozoic has been online since the fall of 2004. We’ve updated it more or less over the years, but it’s still going strong. All of the content is still here though there may be a few broken links scattered about.

It’s been hosted on WordPress with content written in Markdown since day one. WordPress had only been out for about a year at that point in time, and Markdown was only months old. I guess I chose well considering how both are pretty ubiquitous at this point in time.