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The original mindlab site was an offshoot of the Chook Industries website, version 2. The mindlab was supposed to be Larry Snow’s personal website. Larry was the president of Chook Industries. Most of the activity on the site was from mid 2000 to mid 2003. Mike authored almost all of the posts if I recall correctly.


Note, this was back in the day of expensive domain names and limited shared hosting accounts. The original mindlab was pretty cutting edge, as was the whole Chook Industries site. It was a PHP driven site which read content from a collection of plain text files, one for each post, and generated an RSS file. Yes, RSS back in 2000. We had it listed on the Netscape RSS directory, pretty much the only place on the internet that used RSS. I also used the RSS file to automatically generate content for the Chook Industries main page.

Circa 2010, we moved servers and I did a quick redesign of the site, where I detached it from Chook Industries and split it off into its own website. At that point, Mike did a few sporadic posts and then stopped.

So, with that being said, here are both the original and 2010 versions of the mindlab:

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