A “short” Poem

I have a thing for Achondroplasic dwarfs
Not Geleophysic, Pseudoachondroplasic, or hypochondroplasic dwarfs
The other two hundred varieties of dwarf
apologies for not adoring, admiring, and appreciating your unique morphs

I’ll buy you a chicken coop to live-in
a hot-plate, stool, and wobbly table to get your knit on
Fully featured with adequately short linens
I see you cookin egg, tomato and mushroom with onions

Follow the yellow brick road
Wearing your shinny new specs and capris 
Down to my house with the little commode
Don’t get lost among the assorted spectrum of leaves

About Thom

I am looking for single, white, female dwarfs who don't mind smoking a cigar now and then. This is purely for research purposes.

10 thoughts on “A “short” Poem

  1. This is my NEW FAVORITE POEM!!! I’m not even completely sure just what it is about – but like the best poems my uncertainty concerning its full meaning MAKES IT EVEN BETTER!!!

  2. Its about the dwarf that is still in love with me at my old job and how I miss her. She still thinks that I fathered two children with her… one black and one white.

  3. This new knowledge only makes the poem better! Not one, but TWO WHOLE CHILDREN, each of an entirely different race! It’s improbably wonderful – just like Willy Wonka and his magic chocolate factory! It’s a good poem – be proud Mr. Webb.

  4. Thanks. I’ll give you the background behind each line of the poem next time we speak. Sadly, the other folks reading this probably think that I am making all of this dwarf stuff up… when, as you already know Loki, its true.

  5. Thanks for the explaination.

    I like having the artist explain their art. Helps me imagine I know where the author’s comming from. Loki and I almost had a throw-down over this subject once. It’s also nice to see that the culture that produced the pop-up video has mellowed his attitude on the subject over time.

    Funny, sweet, and sad all in the slurry together. Alot of friends have probably been, “lost among the assorted spectrum of leaves”. Even the tall ones.

    Does it seem to anyone else like Poetry’s kind of a bitter-sweet muse even when she’s being funny?

  6. Dragon – Did we really almost come to blows over that subject? I don’t even remember… what on Earth did I even argue? I can’t even remember that… God. The days of passionate youth. Where are they now?

  7. I don’t remember exactly. There was some project we were collaborating on for Watcke, or maybe the The Bleak Shore drawing we did for Crites. What ever it was I wanted us to provide some explaination as to what we were thinking and you just wanted it to stand so people could think of it what they might.

    Those days are gone. Yet another thing burried in the leaf mould.

  8. There arent enough poems about Dwarfs. This is really good Tom. I dont really know what its about either but its tthe sense impressions it leaves wicha re good, a bit like watching wizard of oz with the dark side of the moon over the top. I tried that with this poem and it works just as well too, especially the bit where money starts up. I reccommend you try it.

  9. Dragon – I can’t even believe we argued that. Well actually, I can. It just feels like an alien place where we debated that. All I know is we must of had a lot of time back then living in the Land of the Pre-Leaf Mould. For example – now if I didn’t explain things, it would more be symptom of my laziness, apathy or lack of time. I remember us arguing about D&D once, and then about the Kilgore’s Trumpet. Even those silly arguments feel like distant memories; trapped somewhere between WXAC and Christina Bernardi’s laugh.

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