Hoe I lang voor de dag dat mijn lippen deze prachtige geest kunnen opnieuw raken. Vind me en koop me voor Thom en hij zal u dubbel betalen wat u betaalde. Chestertown en de andere steden op de oostelijke kust van Maryland dragen dit niet, alstublieft me helpen dit vinden. -Thom

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5 thoughts on “Berenburg

  1. My random foreign tongues are pretty rusty so I don’t know if I understood completely your explaination of why this liquor comes with both drinking and eye glasses. Does it just impair your vision that much?

  2. Translated from Dutch to English its says — “How I long for the day that my lips can touch this splendid spirit again. Find me and buy me for Thom and he will pay you twice what you paid. Chestertown and the other cities on the Eastern coast of Maryland do not carry this, please help me to find this.”

    Its a Dutch Gin that has 71 herbs in it, I actually enjoyed drinking it. I am not sure if its banned for sale in the US or if I am not looking in the right places. Anyhow, if any of you know where I can find this please let me know. Otherwise I have to wait until June when my “crazy dutchy” comes to visit me. Check out their website here.

  3. Oh, the eyeglasses. They were actually taped onto the box as these were all gifts for a 45 year old guy’s birthday party.

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