Fun with IQ Points – Revealed!

A new film is coming out and I predict that I will love it and place it among my all time favorites!!! It’s by the same folks the brought us “There is Something About Mary,” so you know the film will leap over many social boundaries and rape several taboos.

When I saw the movie’s trailer last night I thought this is bullshit, its just MTV doing a movie trailer spoof. Then I got the call at 8:30am this morning, it was my old supervisor from my prior job (about 5 years ago). He was laughing and I think, crying – while he proceeded to tell me about this new movie Trailer he saw a minute ago. I laughed with him and told him I had seen the same trailer the night before but I though it was a fake. He didn’t think so and stated he could not wait to see the movie and he concluded his call by wishing me a happy holiday.

I decided to use my ever-ready friend, Google, to do a search for this new movie. Sure enough it came up as a Fox Searchlight Picture. Although it is easy to make a fake website, I finally realized this movie was in fact, very real.

What is the movie’s name, you ask? THE RINGER. The Ringer stars Johnny Knoxville who gets in to debt and creatively develops a plan to fill his bank account. I digress, Johnny Knoxville is NOT my favorite actor, I wish it were some one else. However, I don’t care cos I love the story and I think I may actually live with the real-life guy that the story is based. Getting back to the plot, Johnny Knoxville’s character decides to pretend he is Mentally Retarded (intellectually impaired is the correct PC term) and join the Special Olympics track team. Ideally he plans to bet against the long standing World champion in the Special World Olympics and win the event himself while collecting his winnings.

I am sure I will enjoy this film and I only regret that Dr. Loki and I didn’t have the script copyrighted seven years ago when we talked about a similar type production. Damn It.

8 thoughts on “Fun with IQ Points – Revealed!

  1. Dick,

    Unrelated question, do Mormon’s typically get marreid on Tuesdays?

    I just got a wedding invite to a wedding in Utah on December 20th and the open house is on the 27th. Is this a LDS thing or is this the family just picking weird days ?

  2. I think, yes. Here’s the deal: Mormons (good Mormons) get married in the temple. That means if someone from Salisbury, for example, wanted to get married in the temple, it would be a 2.5 hour drive to Montgomery County and competition for dates with all the other Mormons in the area. As far as I know, the DC temple services a good 5 or more states. Granted, there aren’t many Mormons on the east coast but I’m sure they can add up when you’re talking about half a dozen states. Utah, on the other hand, has at least half a dozen temples (probably more like a dozen) but has more Mormons (and more ‘good’ Mormons) to contend with, so I’m sure there are weddings every day of the week (which would mean Mormons typically get married on wierd days).

    FYI, temple marriage is a big thing. If you aren’t married in the temple, then you don’t get to live in the big penthouse with the big beared dude and the Jewish carpenter when you die. To qualify, you have to pass the big list of Mormon temple-worthy standards like no beer, coffee or pre-marital poon-tang.

  3. DJWebb – I thought you were never going to post again… I’m humbled that you have. I’m putting *The Ringer* above *King Kong* on the top of my list to sees.

    Dick – We used to drive by the Mormon Temple in DC when we went to visit my one Grandmom (my dad’s mom). When I was a little kid, I used to think it was a castle.

  4. DJWebb – P.S. you know if you ever get fired from your job and you are desperate to make ends meat what movie we are making don’t you… the one about the cat and the 57 Chevy.

    Just saying.

  5. Dick, that makes sense and I kinda wondered if it was an availablity issue, thanks for the 411.

    Dr. Loki, don’t think I’ll get fired unless its cos I post to Protozoic or my blog while at work. Though if it every happens I am heading straight to the SPCA to get us a cat and start the process!

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