8 thoughts on “Mitch Hedberg Dies

  1. Some say it was heroine while others say it was cocaine. Apparently he liked to do one-liners.

    In other news, 3 US soldiers killed in Iraq, no one cares because a funny man and a fucking vegetable bite it.

  2. Yep, it was officially announced around 2pm yesterday.

    I think he died on Tuesday however. Doug Stanhope made a post on his website (purefuckingevil.com I think) on Wed. saying that Mitch died in New Jersey yesterday of a heroin overdose.

    I was going to post something earlier, but I had a feeling that Hordak and I would probably be the only two fans here.

    Apparently, things had gotten really bad for him as of late, not career wise, but from a performance standpoint. He was missing a lot of shows, and at times when he did go on stage, he was often too fucked up to perform. He’d forget jokes completely and sometimes just lay down on the floor.

    The funniest story I head was that at the end of one show he asked the audience if anyone had any Xanex – so various people threw various pills on stage. That crazy bitch swiped the whole handfull and popped them all right there. That’s fucking hardcore.

    This really fucking sucks.

    Here’s a link to a bunch of his jokes:


  3. Jesus, dick- that was a little much. I’m as fed up with the whole Schiavo thing as everyone else is, but come on– Mitch Hedberg has made me feel better on more than a few occasions when I really needed it. Shit, I heckled him at the D.C. Improv, man. It’s a little more personal to me than the seemingly neverending string of soldiers in Iraq. That’s not to say that I don’t care about those soldiers, but come on- I can’t feel THAT bad about it every time I hear about 3 more soldiers dying in a roadside blast in Tikrit. And moreover, how many Iraqi civilians have died at the hands of our invading force, and how much do you hear about THEM?

  4. No, dogg, Hedberg wasn’t really headline news, so it my comment didn’t really have to do him. His news didn’t overshadow anything. Was kinda trippy for some at my U, cause he just performed here 2 weeks ago.

    It’s just that we had right-wing nuts from my school making pilgrimages to camp outside Shiavo’s hospice.

  5. Shit!! God damn it!!! This happens to me all the time! A few months ago I caught the last twenty minutes of one of his uh..(standups? more like a sit down) shows on t.v. I laughed my ass off for days but couldn’t find out anywhere who this guy was. Low and behold what happens I find out who he is, and how might you ask? BECAUSE HE FUCKING DIED!.

  6. Wait a minute I just realized that I am starting to use this site as a news source. Shit! Hey how do you post in the mind lab anyway?

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