Long Live Mitch Albom!

Since this is now an acceptable form of “creative” journalism (Click Here) I am writing this concert review:

On Sunday, May 22, 2005 – Loki, Bear, DJ Webb and Storm went to see The Doves in concert at the Theatre of Living Arts (TLA) in Philly. All of us were worried that the show might be canceled due to the ongoing throat infection of the lead singer, Jimi Goodwin. When the Doves took the stage we quickly heard Jimi’s vocals and realized we were in for one hell of a show. The Doves opened the show with an extended version of “Black and White Town” they then transitioned into “The Pounding”. After “The Pounding” the concert was one wild rollercoaster ride with some of the Doves more mellow tunes and some of their more electrified tunes being played. The Doves demonstrated a strong stage presence as band members often interacted with the audience by hollaring and throwing items into the crowd. The band’s wardrobe was typical English-casual attire with everyone wearing Jeans and some type of untucked t-shirt or button down shirt. After two encores the Doves ended their set list with the Dove’s classic, the “Last Broadcast”. The TLA was packed but the crowd was manageable and not as rough as many we have experience in the past. After three hours we walked away saying that we had gotten our monies worth and that we enjoyed the entire show.

I’ll post a couple pictures in the next few days too.

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  1. I feel like I’m in *Back to the Future*. I await to see the pictures with baited breath; especially that one of Storm throwing the water bottle.

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