Presto Pizzazz Pizza Oven

I just purchased a Presto Pizzazz Pizza “oven” because my regular oven isn’t working. So rather than do the logical thing and get my oven fixed I decided to buy even more gadgetry for my home.

I love my pizza and my pizza loves me – so I was anxious to try the Pizzazz. The Pizzazz claims to cook Pizza from start to finish in less time than it takes for most conventional ovens to pre-heat. I decided to see how true this claim really is so I brought out my Pizzazz and cooked away. I cooked a frozen regular crust Tombstone Pizza in 17 minutes from start to finish. That isn’t bad considering it use to take my working oven over 12 to 15 minutes to pre-heat! Now that it doesn’t work correctly it takes about 2 hours to reach 400 degrees and it sometimes smokes.

I have cooked two pizzas on the machine so far. The pizza cooking quality is great. It browns the cheese and crisp the crust perfectly. I would recommend this product to anyone who is a big pizza eater like me. I don’t like the name though, it’s a bit gay. But then again so is my bedroom. I would change the name to the Presto Pizza Producer X (aka PPPX).

This is just an initial report; I plan to write a follow-up later. I may change my mind when I cook a pizza made from scratch or a rising dough pizza or if it burns my house down. It says not to cook anything but Pizza on the machine due to fire risk. I plan to cook fish sticks on the Pizzazz this coming week. Happy eating Jabba.

-DJ Webb

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3 thoughts on “Presto Pizzazz Pizza Oven

  1. Tombstone?!!! Eat that and they’ll put a tombstone over you the next day.

    Red Baron – next morning you feel like you’ve been shot down by the Red Baron

    Only frozen pizza I ever had that was halfway decent was Digornio.

  2. MEATLAND also carries a good frozen pizza – by ACME, i think. best dollar-ninety-nine 12″ pizza i’ve ever had

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