I just finished watching the film, Garden State and let me say this flick took me by surprise. The characters were well developed, the script well written, the acting was above average, the cinematography was superb, the soundtrack was great, and most of all the movie just felt real. I believe the movie is a time capsule of life in the year 2000 and it seems to speak to real problematic themes that ultimately have no correct solution.

If you haven’t seen Garden State yet, I highly recommend you watch it STAT. It clearly deserves any type of praise or support you may have heard or read.

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2 thoughts on “Wow

  1. It doesn’t hurt that Natalie Portman is pretty close to being the hottest girl in the universe. And her character is so awesome it’s just mindblowing. I wonder if she’s that awesome in real life.

  2. Immediately after I was informed by my girlfriend that we would be watching this flick, I was fully prepared for a disaster. The one thing that kept me from revolting was Natalie portman would be in it. I however was very surprised and felt much like wow did. I’d recommend this to anyone.

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