Review: Kate Bush – The Kick Inside

This album is FANTASTIC and is one of the best music purchases I’ve made in the last century. “The Kick Inside” is destined to become one of my all-time favorite albums. When I listen to it I not only feel like I live on Venus’s Moon, but the band who plays my daily Venusian BBQ is the Bo Hansson Elektric Light Orchestra with their singer, the starry elfin maid Kate. Why would I say such a thing? It is either what might be the highly mysterious narwhale mating calls introducing track two, or that fact that there simply is no accounting for taste. My roommates would have the latter. Screw them.

3 thoughts on “Review: Kate Bush – The Kick Inside

  1. Take to the road, to the north there lies the chills of cold, To the south there lies the tales untold. But in between there lies the place to close your eyes.

    And i will stay, i’ll not be back, eldorado. I will be free of the world, eldorado.

    • ELO From their eponymous album: ELO Rools!

    As for Kate Bush, it’s tempting to side with your roommates here, but I’ve heard worse.

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