Review: Bo Hansson – Music Inspired by Watership Down

I mentioned the magical man in my review Kate Bush’s “The Kick Inside”; and now due to the current Lord of the Ring craze, all of Bo Hansson’s albums have seen a reissue by EMI International. Hansson’s “Music Inspired by Watership Down” has not only long been out of print, but to my knowledge it was never made available on CD (I had a copy of it on vinyl). Perhaps not Hansson’s strongest album, Watership Down is still far better then his frequently overrated Lord of the Rings album. The reissue of Music Inspired by Watership Down not only gets a nice write up on Bo in the liner notes (which on the upside is quite long, but on the downside focuses far too much on his Lord of the Rings album) it also receives a bonus track, the fabled Migration Suite. Straight up prog-heads probably won’t be too impressed by the freewheeling noodling session that the Migration Suite undoubtedly was and is, but for the tried and true acolytes of Bo, whoa – Migration Suite, RECORDED LIVE IN THE STUDIO, kicks Frodo’s fur-covered-ass, keeps the ring and throws Sam in the volcano for never being in Goonies 2. One of the track’s many highlights, somebody playing a foul note on guitar, makes me think that it is a virtual garentee one of the other album’s bonus tracks will include a drugged up Bo blurting something indecipherable and sounding like the Swedish Chef.