Cyberball 2072

Well I’ve finally decided to post. I thought I should share this monumental event with the whole world – I’ve now played Cyberball 2072 more than 100 times. I know it seems small, but I now consider myself the world’s most foremost authority on this brilliant, fantabulous offering from Atari Games circa 1989.

What’s not to like? Atari correctly predicted the not-too-distant future of robots fighting fierce contests of sport in hopes of gaining revenue to repair destroyed players and defeating the likes of mastermind coaches like Sky Rogers and I.M. Payne on the tech-heavy gridiron. Cyberball 2072? More like Cyberball 20-70-I Do! (i.e. I do play it again and again!)

Boy-oh-boy, I remember playing this game at the Pizza Hut on Mt. Hermon Road so many years ago. If only those tip-hungry bitches could see me now… They’d all totally know how hard I rock.

I know what you all are saying, “Grue, you wreck some rad shop, and now that you are on top of the mountain, what lies next in your snake-eyed sights?”

I’m glad you have asked. Atari Games has also brought us such classics as A.P.B. and 720. I would go after 720 but the controls are fucked up. A.P.B. has a special place in my heart-of-hearts and may be my next significant conquest.

I do however have another lost love. Baseball Stars by Neo-Geo.

I am in the process of completing the Pennant race of Baseball Stars 2 (16 games.) I may drop down and focus on ‘Baseball Stars Professional,’ as the Shadow Demons have a manager that looks like Anton LaVey. It gives me a lot to think about…

I’ve now beaten Shinobi and Alien Syndrome, and now that my Cyberball 2072 mastery is cemented, I am sure I can no longer reside with the common-likes of man. It is a great burden to be a God… But my travail continues onward…

Ops Please.

2 thoughts on “Cyberball 2072

  1. As soon as you mentioned Cyberball 2072 it rang a bell. Then it occurred to me that I had recently played it on Midway’s “Arcade Treasures 2” for Game Cube. Other games that appear on Arcade Treasures 2 are Pit Fighter, Hard Drivin’, Kozmik Krooz’r and Wizard of Wor. It is a pretty good comp, but perhaps not as good as the 1st. My point – is now we can combat the noise of those fucking horrible dogs next store with the amped up sounds of Cyberball 2072.

    On another note, I’ve often wondered if Friends Forever’s album Killball was in part inspired by games like Cyberball 2072. It would seem logical it was, though I’ve not heard it.

  2. See, Grue, not everyone is going to understand when you say that you’ve beaten Shinobi. I, on the other hand, know what that’s like. The game, on top of being incredibly hard since you die in one hit, you don’t to add any more quarters on the last level. So, even if you spend a million ninja-bucks getting to the last stage, you still only get 1 shot at ending it right before the big game over.

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