Making a Feature Length Movie

Over the past several months or so, I’ve come to the slow resolve of embarking on a journey of making a feature length movie. The biggest demon I face in accomplishing this is my general ignorance concerning the logistics of how to realize such a goal. Though that is a problem, and as many would have it a fairly “big one”, I’m a firm believer that most everything that ever looked hard in part looked so because there was no uncertain amount of mysticism surrounding it. Mysticism is the enemy of man, and though I’m sure T-Rex meant something else when he wrote the line “messing with the mystic” in a drug addled haze of delusion , I too am ready to start “messing”.

Accordingly I’ve begun with what I’d label as the preliminary steps towards the realization of this goal. At this stage this has mainly been confined to research on my part into just how one would go about making an independent feature length movie. In subsequent posts, my hope is to talk about the progress I’m making, the material that I’m reading, the problems I’m encountering and my overall thinking about the project with the two-fold aim of clarifying my own thoughts and too dialogue with others who might share a common interest.

One thought on “Making a Feature Length Movie

  1. I got your back Loki! You post away and we will all give you feedback. After all, Arthur Miller died today so their is a new “opening” here on Earth for a talented screenwriter/playwrite.

    -DJ WeBB

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