Don’t Believe The Truth

“LYLA”- Oasis’ new single shows some promise for us Oasis fans. The new album, called Don’t Believe the Truth is due out the end of May and many are eagerly awaiting its release. The release is creating so much hype that one website in the UK pulled an April fools joke by “leaking” the entire album. Of course no album has been leaked but the website has generated a ton of traffic.

I heard “Lyla” this evening on XM as I was driving home from work. I am not totally sure about how much I like or dislike the song. The song isn’t as pronounced and lyrically witty as some of their other lead-off album singles. I am hopeful there will be a variety of different song types on this album as the Lyla song style isn’t my preference. I want more kick ass, drug induced, anthem fighting songs by Oasis. “Lyla” is a good start, but only if they have the big guns waiting in the shadows.

Anyhow, you can tell me what you think. Here is the link to hear the song streaming (hot off the press).

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