Big Bag

Big Bag” marks the Cave of Trouble’s second Burger Kings track (the first being “May I Have Some Cake Please”). Tim and I labored on the song for a couple of weeks and then Meggie Miao shot the video starring herself, Brian and myself in one whirlwind of a weekend, and a bit of another.

Get the video here and the song here.


I'm walking down the street with my big bag
I'm moving to the beat with my big bag
Got too much stuff in my big bag
Got loads of love in my big bag

Oh girls they're always asking me
     "Can we see your big bag"
Oh girls there always phoning me
     "Can we have your big bag"

Well girl - you hold, and you can touch
     "Ooo it feels so nice"
But I'm afraid not too much
     "Whatever boy-toy"
Listen do not give me lip
     "We ain't given you no lip"
I'm bout' to take a big world trip
     "May we come for a while"
You mean come with my big bag style?
     "Yes with your big style"
Why of course ladies, go wild!

Now everyone here's your chance
To do the biggest ever dance
When I wave my big bag in the air
Just scream big bag
And don't be scared

Big bag! (shout)
Full of moves
Big bag! (shout)
Full of sugar
Big bag! (shout)
Full of Grooves
Big bag! (shout)
And lots of goodness!

Now I'm back after two world tours
And the ladies still want more
But the problem is I'm not sure
Just what big bag means anymore

And the girls they're all concerned
     "Can we nurse your big bag"
I'm sure I’ll think of something
     "Can we rub your big bag"
Mmmm... yeah keep on rubbing
     "Rub the big bag"
I feel a good idea coming
     "Ooo we feel good too"
Of course you do now, it's feels so fine
     "Big bag so sublime"
Lets all come and sing one more time!

Now everyone here's your chance
To do the biggest ever dance
When I wave my big bag in the air
Just scream big bag
And don't be scared

Big bag! (shout)
Full of moves
Big bag! (shout)
Full of sugar
Big bag! (shout)
Full of Grooves
Big bag! (shout)
And lots of goodness!

24 thoughts on “Big Bag


  2. hey it saved my info. i haven’t watched it yet, downloading now.

    P.s. does this site use oatmeal cookies, or chocolate chip? I like sugar cookies.

  3. COT excelcior!

    You know I think you guys are really getting better at this.

    I mean look at the history: Into the Pipes – relaxing but basically sounds like you ripped off the soundtrack to Sim City. Fart Bomb – just sort of raunchy and sad. School is for Pussies – an anthem of ignorance and rebellion kind of in the style of The Boss. Cicadas – a celebration in the sap sucking joy of life

    And now Big Bag!

    My only regret is that the computer at work is locked out from downloading the appropriate software version to view the video. At least there’s always the music.

  4. Hmm. I think if you thought Fart Bomb was “raunchy and sad,” you might not like the current song we are working on, “Harness the Wind.”

  5. Unless it has more to do with sailing, windmills, or alternative power sources than it does abdominal emissions then you’re probably right.

    I take it back though. Fart Bomb was raunchy (by definition) but not really “sad”. Just not my cup of tea (I’ve found that tea and farts aren’t a pleasant combination).

    Not to say the human capacity to produce natural gas is such a terrible thing, though it’s not one I’m as fond of celebrating as some of our respected forefathers were.

  6. It will be interesting to see the band’s retrospective come out in ten years time:

    Breakers of the Solar Wind: The Cave of Trouble story

  7. Dragon – glad you dug “Big Bag”. We had a good time making it. Don’t know if you’ll care for the prog-rock flatulent fantasy that “Harness the Wind” is quickly becoming though … however, there are some other themes at work in “Harness the Wind” besides mere “beefing”. Along with Toto and Andy Summer’s tendency (or possibly insistence) to devolve into proggy-grok-ky flourishes, Frank Herbert and the current political climate are also informing the song. This isn’t to say that “Harness the Wind” is Gulliver’s Travels (another political work obsessed with the body’s retention and expulsion of waste). Ultimately the song may well become lost in its own gassiness and only come to stand as a grand monument to childishness in the name of Great Fart God. In my mind however there are worse musical crimes, like Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon.

    Regardless, you’ll be pleased to know that other songs currently in the works have nothing to do with farting or a school of scatology, and Big Bag is perhaps suggestive of these new explorations.

  8. Yes, I finally got to see the video last night at home. I loved it… very well directed and produced. Your skills are getting better by the day. Just remember to keep using your powers for good and not evil. On a positive note I found a company that wants some work done on a PR video so I told them about you guys. They are very intrested in hiring you to make a 6 min video. They are willing to pay several grand too. So I’ll be in touch or you can call me. Again, nice work COT.

  9. I finally saw the video. Wow.

    I don’t know what faction those guys in white represent, but where do I sign up?

    Cool threads, goggles, and carrying a bag with attitude: Never has the position of bag-man been more appealing.

  10. Definitely the best video yet. I think you guys are on to something by letting Meggie direct. She’s got mad skills, and she looks hot in a wig. 😉

  11. Great scott! Burger King song has got nothing on the Big Bag meme.

    Walking around the lab I keep spontaneously and uncontrollably breaking into falsetto choruses of “Big Bag, Ooo-Ooo!” and “What about your Big Bag?”

  12. Best video yet for a song. Obviously I am not counting man v. machine here. I liked the song as well infectious. very groovy. very wierd.

  13. I listen to this song and Cicadas at work all the time.

    Is there any chance you guys could post the lyrics to ’em?

    I can’t tell what you’re saying too well.

  14. Big Bag is great. How can I get in touch with Meggie Miao?

    I’d like to include her in a film round up I’m compiling. Please give her my email or vice versa if you can.

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