Wup chee!

(A sea chanty)

Wup chee! And
Down the anker!
Slurp up yer lime
Er yull git a kanker.

Verse 1:
I got tew gun an’
I got tew boots
Sew harry into port and
Spend all the loots!


Verse 2:
Me an ‘na lasses
We gets on juts fine…
Afra couple swigs
Froma bottle o’ wine.


Note: When singing as a round scoundrels and scalawags should alternate lines . . . or verses . . . or whatever.

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5 thoughts on “Wup chee!

  1. Yah. I think I wrote it while living in Winthrop or Reading.

    Adrienne’s having us clean out the closet and tidy up old papers so there might be a couple more snippets in the near future. We’ll see.

  2. Haha – well it is very nice. I’ve been trying to tidy some stuff too. I was actually working on transferring Magwith the other weekend… that is where the footage for The Bridge fits in. Unfortunately, the tape is pretty old and decaying. And I’ve no idea where Weapons Lors (sp) of Film II is. You wouldn’t happen to have any copies of that stuff would you?

    Look for Boy in the Box I to go live shortly.

  3. Hmmm… well, I’m going to work on the versions I have of Magwith a little more. If I can’t salvage it, I might ask to borrow your copy at some point so I can do a transfer of it. My idea is to transfer all our stuff, get it online and also give you a good DVD encode of everything.

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