The Bridge

Last night Megan and I watched the Director’s Cut of THX 1138. For the THX 1138 Director’s Cut, Lucas rather cleverly added CG monkeys. Inspired by Lucas’s simian revisionism, I unearthed some footage from the ol’ treasure trove. I couldn’t do CG chimps, but I did do some melodica, gave the piece a title, and tried to brighten up the footage a little bit. The original was shot on Super 8 and transferred to a now decaying VHS tape. Maybe one day I’ll find the actual Super 8 footage and recopy it. No plot spoilers for the bridge. Just watch it raw and unaware, and think what I’ll be able to achieve with some CG meteors.

The Bridge

7 thoughts on “The Bridge

  1. Who knows, with 10 million bucks you can probably add some cool CGI explosions. Don’t fuck up a masterpiece like “The Bridge” with an “enhanced” director’s cut the way Lucas fucked up Star Wars, “ahem”, A New Hope.

  2. You should check it out. It definitely resonates somewhere with our 70’s dystopian sci-fi discussions. I don’t think it is that good personally… especially the directors cut (egad). But a lot of the innovation that Lucas and people like Walter Murch would use in Star Wars is there.

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