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White Plume Mountain and DIRT ROAD Movie

I was thinking about running White Plume Mountain</a href> over the winter break. For those you not familiar with it, it is the followup to Tomb of Horror</a href>.

If you are interested give me a shout.

Additionally, I wanted to shoot a short film. Joe and I have been tossing around a couple ideas (I want to shoot on the dirt road personally), but I wanted to put some feelers out as to who was and was not going to be home at Christmas. Ideas for the script will be contingent on whose available.

White Plume Mountain - Front

White Plume Mountain - Back

The Bridge

Last night Megan and I watched the Director’s Cut of THX 1138. For the THX 1138 Director’s Cut, Lucas rather cleverly added CG monkeys. Inspired by Lucas’s simian revisionism, I unearthed some footage from the ol’ treasure trove. I couldn’t do CG chimps, but I did do some melodica, gave the piece a title, and tried to brighten up the footage a little bit. The original was shot on Super 8 and transferred to a now decaying VHS tape. Maybe one day I’ll find the actual Super 8 footage and recopy it. No plot spoilers for the bridge. Just watch it raw and unaware, and think what I’ll be able to achieve with some CG meteors.