White Plume Mountain and DIRT ROAD Movie

I was thinking about running White Plume Mountain</a href> over the winter break. For those you not familiar with it, it is the followup to Tomb of Horror</a href>.

If you are interested give me a shout.

Additionally, I wanted to shoot a short film. Joe and I have been tossing around a couple ideas (I want to shoot on the dirt road personally), but I wanted to put some feelers out as to who was and was not going to be home at Christmas. Ideas for the script will be contingent on whose available.

White Plume Mountain - Front

White Plume Mountain - Back

7 thoughts on “White Plume Mountain and DIRT ROAD Movie

  1. Would you consider running a round robin marathon of Metagaming microgames? I have multiple copies of Ogre, GEV, Warp War, and Chitin I. For more info go to http://www.boardgamegeek.com and do a search on the titles. Microgames have short rules and are designed to be very playable.

    Of course the girls will be bored shitless.

  2. Assuming I haven’t died from cirrohsis of the liver, I will be present. I am concerned about the “dirt road.” Is this the same as “Hershey Highway?”

  3. Dave – I’m up for a game of whatever, but I can’t speak for the other guys. It might be best though to stick to Time Tripper for now since I sort of understand it and you sort of understand it.

    The reason why I asked if there was interest in “White Plume Mt.” is that in order to “run” it, I actually have to prepare the game prior to play (this normally takes a couple hours, and with older D&D modules, because they are so vague, sometimes even more). I assume with the Ogre type micro-games you just sit down and play (like Time Tripper). I don’t know if I’m being entirely clear here, but when I said “run”, I meant “run” as in prepare and DM.

  4. The film you speak of, are you filming it in Jersey, Salisbury, MD or Chestertown, MD. If Jersey or Chestertown, I should be able show up.

  5. 1) who’s Dave?

    2) Ogre is pretty easy to learn. If people go to: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/5206
    they can find a copy of the rules.

    3) I can also send a couple of copies along with your mother when she goes up to W.BGVa.
    The other games can also be found on BGG.

    4) I prefer to stay away from TimeTripper. You get so wrapped up in the mechanics that you lose the fun.

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