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The Bilge Song

(a hyperlinked sea chanty)

Verse 1:
In the bilge of the boat
‘Neath the billows and waves
Sleeps the bilgy-man’s boatswain
Witta biscuit he craves.

Chorus (sung after every verse):
So HUP! the ol’ hanker
Han’ furl patchy sail out.
Th’ scull’ry-mun’s cookin’
Han soon there’ll be shall-out (shallot)!

Verse 2 (Nanook’s solo):
A’ the snewy narth pool
Ware the snew people liv
Thay etts blubbery sausages
Caught wit ‘are shivvs!

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Wup chee!

(A sea chanty)

Wup chee! And
Down the anker!
Slurp up yer lime
Er yull git a kanker.

Verse 1:
I got tew gun an’
I got tew boots
Sew harry into port and
Spend all the loots!


Verse 2:
Me an ‘na lasses
We gets on juts fine…
Afra couple swigs
Froma bottle o’ wine.


Note: When singing as a round scoundrels and scalawags should alternate lines . . . or verses . . . or whatever.