Storyboards 130 & 137 – Ameviathan: “The Green Machine”

Here are storyboards 130 and 137 from Ameviathan: “The Green Machine”. Tim found a way to better render the pictures in Photoshop to get them a little cleaner and smoother looking. So props to Tim for making the crappy sketches actually visible.

As of today I’ve storyboarded about half the script. My production rate seems to be around 8 frames a day.

I'm Cecily!

Blew or Blue.

8 thoughts on “Storyboards 130 & 137 – Ameviathan: “The Green Machine”

  1. He tried to do it in Illustrator, but ended up doing it in Photoshop. I believe (he can correct me if he wants) that the process he used was to take a picture on his digital camera of my sketch pad, then pull the picture onto his computer and into Photoshop where he adjusted the levels and did something called “find edges”. After this, he then tried to take the picture into Illustrator and trace it with vectors. The problem was though that when Illustrator traced the drawings, it traced every line I drew including the fine, light guide lines. The result was that there was a lot to clean up and it was easier in the end just to do it in Photoshop.

  2. Mike is correct for the most part. The messy nature of the sketches made it a bit more work to do in Illustrator. If it was something he wanted to print, it might be worth the extra effort, but for the web, it wasn’t worth it.

  3. Yes and no. There are defiantly shades of Megan in the freewheeling Cecily. After all, how could the lovable Megan not be in Cecily? At the same time however, when I came up with the characters I didn’t model them after anyone intentionally. I can see lots of people I’ve known in both characters.

  4. They are similar to mine. However, mine are a bit more aerodynamic in shape, and are covered with extremely fine feathers.

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