New Features

I finally got around to doing 2 things I’ve been meaning to do:

  • (Potentially) Related Posts now show up on the right menu bar when you are reading a specific post. It only searches by post title, so it is not very accurate.
  • Flickr integration. I got a Flickr account and will be posting pictures to it. These pictures show up on the right menu bar as well. It displays the last 2 pictures I’ve taken. If you click “Recent Photos,” you will get a gallery of all the photos.

In other news, our videos are up on Google Video. If you search for “protozoic” you will see our stuff.

Last thing. We’ve been linked by a new site. I don’t know who it is, but he links to dragon‘s wife, so there must be some connection. Check him out. Speaking of that, I guess we should put up a list of related blogs in the menu bar. What do you guys think?

3 thoughts on “New Features

  1. That guy is David, a friend of She and I, who also attends BU. I mentioned something about protozoic to him once or twice and I guess he checked us out.

    A blog-roll sounds good. I’d been thinking about it for awhile but didn’t feel strongly enough to push the issue.

    As for related posts: this seems like a good idea, a little more specific than “Categories”. I think it’ll be handy to group some of the RPG-related posts I put up earlier. Still “Categories” is good to provide some general topic groupings.

  2. I think the Flickr stuff is pretty boss – or book (book is the new cool of cell phone text recognition. Reb @ Tac.Syntax put me into the hip new slang loop – if anybody can find an article on the web on “book” being “cool”, let me know).

    I would say add a blog role – tentatively – as long as they were sites who supported us. I might also collapse the categories a bit more.

    Otherwise – looking good.

  3. Bear: I guess I read over your initial post too fast and just realized how hit-or-miss the “Related Posts” section can be. Would there be a way to set it up so we could manually select which other posts count as “Related” when we’re making a post?

    I realize we could just insert hyperlinks in our posts to indicate which others are related, but it might look tidier if there was a section in that right side-bar somewhere that tracked similar posts . Sort of like having a “thread” but between posts on a similar subject (like loki’s posts on different aspects of Amviathan filming for example).

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