I am sorry to bring up lists but they had a top 100 albums list on tv in England at the weekend that really ticked me off. The link to the list is here.

I am particularly shocked by the high showing of both Alanis Morrisette Jagged Little Pill and Oasis’ whats the story morning glory. I am shocked by the lack of Van Morrsion’s Astral Weeks in any of the Top 100. Anyway just thought you may find it interesting to see the thinking in these parts as flawed as it is.

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  1. Lists always smack of people’s agendas – whether they are Top 100s or for groceries. Resultantly, I’m curious as to just what albums got included in the Top 100. Is there a copy of the list somewhere online? In any event, I do find myself somewhat surprised that Van Morrison got left off.

  2. Yes, the list seems a bit flawed… appears the younger generation had an heavy influence on the voting. I like Oasis but to put them that high on the list seems a bit much when you look at the others it beat out. And I didn’t see any Right Said Fred on the list either.

  3. Ahhh – I didn’t see the list link. Sorry. I was at work, and I was reading fast, trying to reply “covertly” as possible so as not to get fired. Without going absolutely ape shit on that list, my “restraining myself” answer is that the list looks like it deals with pretty much contemporary rock albums, while listing the obligatory “crusty rock” album like the Who’s Tommy or the Stone’s Exile on Main Street. I mean just who did the very seminal Human League bump off to make it in at spot 100? Chuck Berry? Ultimately, I don’t even really consider what they’ve done to be a Top 100 list. Rather, I feel it is a “My Favorite Albums List”, just like the ones we listed on our site.

    My answer then to your original question is: *Van Morrison never had a chance my friend.*

  4. Yeah thats it. You’ve hit it on the head. It is a my favourite albums list compiled by pretentious big wigs and journos in the industry as opposed to an attempt at objectivty. You have here a group of people listing albums that they feel should have got recognition before now. God they make me mad. There are some genuinely average albums on that list. This list is an exercie in pretention and contrariness, an attempt to sound different from the many other lists which have established greatness as other than Dare by the human league, Jagged little pill, by somegirl whining about her period, and an Oasis album that even they said was a pile of steaming champagne supernova.

    On the up side, today it is quite sunny in London and girls are wearing less clothes.

  5. Scantily clad women always make it better. It was because of them man made it through prehistoric times and the dark ages.

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