Let Me Down Sweetly Empty Calorie

When the door burst open,
I didn't even notice it had knocked my teeth,
probably because of the great big fat rush I was in 
to get inside sugar mountain,
and ask the empty calorie:
Why people complained, 
pained at one another,
why I winced back,
was it my mouth?
the advice?
or the ice?
I'd just eaten
s  v  c
 o  e  o
   s  r  l
     o  y  d
freezing the water
on my brain
sitting on
             waiting to GET an
shocking the prospect that the mulled future
was only a jaded bitter old sucker---
When the empty calorie swished
in a swoosh of saccharine pink spit
spat so matter of fact,
"Well I'm outide,
and as you can see,
I'm riddled within by caverns of salt
I've never seen,
but I suppose
if they're mine,
they're yours too,
and somedays your low,
and somedays your sweet,
so just take your pick
when you swing
open the door."

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