Dash Eight have emerged from a field of almost 40 bands as the victor of Salisbury University’s “Battle of the Bands”. As a result, they will be playing Salisbury’s annual Field Day along with Viv, The Starting Line and Talib Kweli. (Talib Kweli!!!!!) Check ’em out at the ever-evolving dasheight.com

Also, be sure to check out Hordak’s reccomended pick of the week, Derby Lane. These guys are destined for big things, and I feel lucky to be a friend of such a promising bunch of musicians. I hope these guys get everything they deserve– which is a lot. Pop fans, be sure to dig into “Guess What Girls”. Hooks a mile wide.

7 thoughts on “w00t.

  1. That is awesome. I have been meaning to come check out the band some weekend. Jessica said she saw you at Chrisma and that she like what she heard. Looks like a lot of your hard work is starting to really have some great results.

    Rock on.

  2. Great! I have not seen you guys live yet but I will be hitting the charisma show this friday. I have been listening to your songs on the site and have enjoyed them. The one song with that longer section especially. It makes me want to buy a dd6. see you then.

  3. Congratulations Chris. Mike told me about your band. I also wanted to ask that you check out a singer called anthony and the johnsons. I have told mike him but he wont remember and I really think he has the most original voice I have heard for a long time. I think you will appreciate it.

  4. Thanks Luke! I will definitely check out that Anthony and the Johnsons you reccomend. Good to hear from you!

    Also, thanks to everyone else for the congratulations– I couldn’t be more psyched to have won this thing, and I hope that everyone enjoys what we’re doing. The best music is yet to come, as the newest (best) stuff hasn’t even been recorded yet. Stay tuned for more. Thanks again, everyone! 😀

  5. Well you’ve worked long and hard for the big pay off my friend, and you deserve it. Congrats again. I’m looking forward to hearing the new tunes.

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