Love, Athena

Apollo's amused
Lounges in the dawn
Clever with his lyre of goat horns and turtle
Shines his light down upon, upon the city.

Hoplite helm, Aegis, spear and chiton
Zeus's nerdy daughter smiles over at you, down upon you
Shy and confident, joy in her eyes and smile.
She's in love
With you, mortal.
Smiling at you.

The sun is bright
The city spreads out ahead
Clever things for you to think and invent
The day is good.
Can't help smiling.

Athena loves you.

6 thoughts on “Love, Athena

  1. It seems like sort of an internet faux pax to be the first person commenting on a thread you start. But I think I’m going to make a habit of it anyway.

    In this case I just wanted to state a couple things for the record and thought they’d go better in a comment rather than in the “content” as it were.

    First of all I put this in the Music category as well as the Poetry since it was heavily influenced by listening to the eponymously named song *Love Athena* by The Olivia Tremor Control. Ideally one should find that song and listen to it continuously for awhile before and during reading the poem.

    Ironically I can’t say if the lyrics of the song have much to do with the content of the poem or not since I find them mostly unintelligable. It’s pretty much just the title and the ambiance that inspired it.

    As further irony would have things turn out, I don’t like most of OTC’s other songs (although *The Giant Day* is pretty nice once it gets going). Another one-hit wonder in my massive, massive playlist.

  2. Nice poem. When I first saw the title – I thought it was going to be a rather heavy read; but it really had me laughing by the end. I don’t know if that was intentional or not… but well, there you go.

  3. Hordak: Hah. Not bad. I just totally missed the context without the explaination.

    Loki: I didn’t think it was laugh out loud funny (though to each their own), but it was intended to be sort of light hearted. Don’t think I could work up the interest and determination to write yet another epic poem about the Greek gods. That avenue has been so covered.

    But I sort of thought how each of the goddesses has their shtick: Hera’s married, Diana’s is into the feral tom-boy thing, Aphrodite’s the pretty one. But Athena’s sort of the smart girl next door who can hold her own and will do pretty much anything to help you out, but who everyone thinks of as “just a friend” or “one of the guys”.

    And I was thinking, “Athena probably dreams of love too. Come on ancient Greek guy: Why not take her out on a date. You could do alot worse for a girlfriend.”

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