20 thoughts on “Top 5 Made-Up Cuss Words

  1. The most used are:

    1. Crud!
    2. Crap!
    3. Frickin’!
    4. Dangit!
    5. Good grief!

    (Yes, I say “good grief”. You want to Frickin’ make something of it!?)

    Not sure which ones I actually like ATM. “Crud” is pretty good. I like the word “Dung” but it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

    But I’ll tell you one that I’m sick and tired of hearing: Frell!

    Every geek in existence must think they’re so cool and in the know for saying that. Thanks alot Farscape. Thanks for nothing.

  2. “Crunk.” Before it was a type of music, wasn’t that the made up cuss word they always used on Conan O’Brien? Always one of my favorites.

  3. Actually, though these aren’t cuss words, as far as sayings go, I just heard, “If the foo shits…” That was a good one. Though the other 2 that I’ve heard a lot but haven’t started using are, “It’s tighter than a frog’s ass,” and my personal favorite, “It was jumping around like a dog shitting bones.”

  4. i use “smurf” as the BIG F and i bleep my self alot, some times i use words that are really close to cuss words so yup like blasterd and shmit…. and witch with a capital B…

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