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mike + santa

Mike and Chris stole a plastic Santa from someone’s yard one Christmas. The plan was to take it all over the place, take pictures of the Santa there, and then return the Santa and pictures to the yard the following Christmas. I don’t know if they ever finished their project.

Here’s Santa and Mike. Not sure where.


Nissan Pulsar NX

Mike’s car in highschool. It was a 198? Nissan Pulsar. The paint had lost all of it’s shine—at one point Mike and others wrote all over it with chalk. You can see it still on the bumper and a bit above the license plate.

That’s Mike on the right of the car. I think I took this picture. I think Mike has a pair of underwear on his head.

I don’t know why there was a tennis racket in there. None of us played tennis.

Old photos

Mike recently asked me for a photo of him and mom. I actually don’t have many, and the ones I have aren’t always ‘serious.’ I had about 100 slides from home from our childhood and said I’d look through those. This batch of slides were the loose ‘reject’ slides that never made their way into boxes or trays. I was relatively unsuccessful, but I did find a couple photos that my dad took that I think are really neat. I’m going to start going through the old slides at home and digitizing them.