Nissan Pulsar NX

Mike’s car in highschool. It was a 198? Nissan Pulsar. The paint had lost all of it’s shine—at one point Mike and others wrote all over it with chalk. You can see it still on the bumper and a bit above the license plate.

That’s Mike on the right of the car. I think I took this picture. I think Mike has a pair of underwear on his head.

I don’t know why there was a tennis racket in there. None of us played tennis.

4 thoughts on “Nissan Pulsar NX

  1. Mike made out like a bandit on that one. Didn’t he get more money from insurance after it broke during the flood than what he paid for it.

    Other notable memory: We used to fly down Mount Herman in that thing going [redacted]. It felt like it was going to fall apart.

  2. I seem to remember it stinking too. But I might be mixing it up with a friend’s car from college.

  3. And it fucking stunk. Chris and I smoke cigars in it and then he set off a smoke bomb in the ash tray once as a hilarious joke.

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