Old photos

Mike recently asked me for a photo of him and mom. I actually don’t have many, and the ones I have aren’t always ‘serious.’ I had about 100 slides from home from our childhood and said I’d look through those. This batch of slides were the loose ‘reject’ slides that never made their way into boxes or trays. I was relatively unsuccessful, but I did find a couple photos that my dad took that I think are really neat. I’m going to start going through the old slides at home and digitizing them.


3 thoughts on “Old photos

  1. I think it’s fabulous that you’re digitizing the memories from your childhood. I’ve been slowly trying to do that, but have to be sneaky about it because my mom doesn’t want me taking the photos from the house (I’ve been known to misplace them after scanning them.). It’s definitely a worthwhile crusade – I can only imagine what was lost when my grandparents’ basement flooded. Digitizing them will hopefully keep them alive longer than the originals will last.

    As for Mike and his not-so-serious photos with him and your mom…well, that just cracks me up. Mike isn’t a “serious” person, nor does his relationship with the family seem to be. Silly photos capture the essence of your family. I love it.

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