7 thoughts on “Disabled vs. Wild II

  1. At first I thought that twanging was some dumb sound effect you had put in. What a pleasant surprise to see it was coming from Thom! Nice touch. Very well done.

  2. If you are serious about surviving for 72 hours until Uncle Sam shows up you should have a firearm with you. I would recommend an 1873/94 Winchester. You can research the ammo that is best for you. There’s bears in them thar woods!

  3. Very nicely done video, on all accounts. Sometimes, when I see stuff like “Hi There,” I get a little concerned about the film education up there in Ohio. Vids like these make me feel better.

  4. There is a big difference between what is made for OU and what is made for Loki’s own amusement.

  5. Very nice second installment in the Thom goes series. Reminds me of the classic “Ernest goes to ______” films.

  6. These are really well done. Cool in both concept and execution. Good job Mike & Thom.

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