5 thoughts on “white sands

  1. What a beautiful photo with great color and balanced composition. (She sure is taking a break from “the boys.”)

  2. Oh man oh man when I first saw this I thought, what made little 4th level wizard Timmy get out of the basement long enough to take a picture…OUTSIDE. I thought something must be up…so I Yahooed “white sands” and sure nuff–NUCLEAR BOMBS! No wonder timmy wanted to go there where dorky stuff like radiations and mutant research is done.

    Now I know what it takes to get a dork outside. Maybe someday ya’ll graduate to a sport. Hint: start with Horseshoes so you don’t get discourage by how much the big boyz’ll school YA!


  3. I loaded up this pic into a photo editor and kept telling my computer, “Enhance!…Enhance!” But I still can’t see any more details in the background. Is it broke?

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