LJ’s Trip – The Salem Sisters

Here is the first show in a 6 part web series I was involved in creating, directing and writing along with filmmaker Matt Brunson. We are currently releasing the shows ourselves, and though I can’t make any promises, a new show should go live every two weeks. As the various episodes go live, I’ll post them here, but you can also check out LJ’s Trip for more information. Currently the website is a little bare bones, but it will be filled out in the coming weeks. While historically inaccurate, the first show gives a nod to one of my great loves, the Puritans.

3 thoughts on “LJ’s Trip – The Salem Sisters

  1. Thanks Koko. HP2 featuring Elias is in the works. A rough cut exists, and Tim will be doing the color grading on it shortly. Hopefully that will appear by the end of the month or early Aug.

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