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LJ’s Trip, Episode 4 – The Hands of Time

In episode 4 of LJ’s Trip LJ is been summoned by Mr. Archer, Producer in the Chicken and Breasts film division at Trippers Inc. It seems that some of LJ’S shenanigans and tomfoolery has not gone unnoticed! And Mr. Tom Foolery is not happy! It seems that a mysterious ressurectee has invaded the time trip-line that LJ has so carefully butt-tickled into nonsense. This foe threatens to drill LJ a new one, a BIG new one, and to cyborgize his neander-baby!

LJ’s Trip, The Hands of Time, Episode 4 from Matt Brunson on Vimeo.

LJ’s Trip, Episode 3 — The Horrible Houdini

In Episode 3 of LJ’s Trip, the show’s host, LJ, travels or “trips” back to witness master escapologist Harry Houdini’s final death-defying act. Instead of playing the respectful peanut chomping observer, LJ, played by New York actor Joel Stigliano, engages in footsie sexy time with the lovely Miss Kitty Pinchbottom and stops Houdini’s performance dead by killing him! It was just an episode ago that LJ was seducing cavewomen with his suave come-ons such as, “I like your hair,” and “You’re pretty,” and now he’s added grisly, brutal murder to the list!

The episode takes place in a stylish Steampunk universe where Gray makes a cameo as a Steampunk clock repairman. Episode 3’s steamy design was created by Brunson from his home which was infested by a colony of bats at the time. Not unlike a certain Bruce Wayne, Brunson relied on imaginary wealth, black spray paint, and Morgan Freeman to create his inspired collection.

LJ’s Trip ep 3 – The Horrible Houdini from Matt Brunson on Vimeo.

LJ’s Trip – The Salem Sisters

Here is the first show in a 6 part web series I was involved in creating, directing and writing along with filmmaker Matt Brunson. We are currently releasing the shows ourselves, and though I can’t make any promises, a new show should go live every two weeks. As the various episodes go live, I’ll post them here, but you can also check out LJ’s Trip for more information. Currently the website is a little bare bones, but it will be filled out in the coming weeks. While historically inaccurate, the first show gives a nod to one of my great loves, the Puritans.