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Operation: Red Chicken Disco Jesus – The Screenplay

Here are the scans for the screenplay Operation: Red Chicken Disco Jesus along with some photos of the Wreck-Gar folder I found it in, which obviously protected the script from the elements at some point. Without Wreck-Gar, the script would have surely been lost to the annals of time.

Wreck-Gar Folder (Outside)

Disco Jesus - pg. 1

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LJ’s Trip, Episode 4 – The Hands of Time

In episode 4 of LJ’s Trip LJ is been summoned by Mr. Archer, Producer in the Chicken and Breasts film division at Trippers Inc. It seems that some of LJ’S shenanigans and tomfoolery has not gone unnoticed! And Mr. Tom Foolery is not happy! It seems that a mysterious ressurectee has invaded the time trip-line that LJ has so carefully butt-tickled into nonsense. This foe threatens to drill LJ a new one, a BIG new one, and to cyborgize his neander-baby!

LJ’s Trip, The Hands of Time, Episode 4 from Matt Brunson on Vimeo.

Frank Perdue

Death is another oil change
hatched in my day's way.
Stupid death and stupid dying.
Who made it anyway?

The old hen pecking God?
Well, I'll cock and sock his nose,
make him roost the golden egg
chooking as I hearsing go.

For from the shells I sell to L-OC-als
I'll build feather couping waves,
Buy up Death's garage and scythe,
chicken farming from the grave.