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Operation: Red Chicken Disco Jesus – The Screenplay

Here are the scans for the screenplay Operation: Red Chicken Disco Jesus along with some photos of the Wreck-Gar folder I found it in, which obviously protected the script from the elements at some point. Without Wreck-Gar, the script would have surely been lost to the annals of time.

Wreck-Gar Folder (Outside)

Disco Jesus - pg. 1

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What is it about?

Recently a painting from my days at Wicomico Senior High School came back into my possession. Upon its return, my girlfriend asked me what it was about and I really didn’t have an answer for her.

For years, the painting had been in my father’s office, at Wor-Wic Community College. When he retired, he gave the painting back to me. I would have done the same, as I can’t say it is the quietest of pieces to put up on the family den wall.

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