13 thoughts on “80085

  1. looks like a honda civic display from 2008 or so. this was one of the slickest electronic dash designs of all time and stands as a work of art in its own right.

  2. I’d be mad no one really seems concerned I had a squid baby…but I seem to be taking it oddly in stride too so whatev.

  3. Check out this sweet song I’m writing about raising daughters properly. It’s called ‘Grease Pole.’


    [ Awesome music sounds, rising slowly in intensity (not yet written, but it should be sweet) ]

    [rising vocals] aaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH…!!! GREASE POLE!!! [(awesome loud riff explodes…also not written and I can’t really even play it but it will be awesome] GREASE POLE! Dun nuh nuh nuh nuh! GREASE POLE! Dun nuh nuh nuh nuh! x3 You dont wanna see your daughters (pause) Dance on the GREASE POLE!!

    (then some stuff here about not being a dbag father so your daughters do not end up the worst kind of stripper*: one who dances on an eponymous ‘grease pole.’ What exact is the ‘worst kind of stripper’ and how the grease pole factors in will be verse one or two. It’s hard to decide whether we should jump right in to the sad tale of a grease pole stripper and then do the backstory or if we should spoon feed people right up front…whatever. these are details. This will be awesome)

    GREASE POLE, Grease Pole, greeeeeeeeeaaaasssssee…pooooooollllllllllllllle….. [TWO CHORDS!]

    (the end)

  4. HEY, MORGOTH!! You think that’s funny making fun of strippers?! My girl is a stripper, you got it!? You think it’s funny to make fun of her? You wanna say it to my face??? Don’t you know I wear the fact of her employment on my sleeve ready to pop like a canned spring snake on anyone who says somethin’ about ?? Don’t you know I walk around pretending I’m righteously oblivious to the obvious humor in her in her job and acting all morally outraged that someone might find it a little funny she takes her clothes off for strangers? Don’t you know how hard it is to muster the appearance of hurt pride when pride left the station long ago? RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!!!!

  5. Hey, “IN IT!”, cool it, okay? Stripping is funny. It’s a funny job. If you can’t do the job and roll with the inevitable jokes, pick something else. Nudity is funny.

  6. gentlemen….ain´t seen nuthin new on here of late….

    the legions of fans grow restless. to satisfy their cravings, they demand nuanced references to scrapple, sea monkeys, and little caesar´s pizza.

    so let´s saddle up, strap in and blast off already!

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