Scrapple transportation device

I obtained a Scrapple transportation device for this weekend. My mom can’t buy RAPA scrapple in WV. So I’m going to import 5 lbs. of it from PA. I’m going to have to freeze some of it. I’ve read that scrapple doesn’t handle freezing well. We are going to find out.

Here’s the scrapple:

8 thoughts on “Scrapple transportation device

  1. Yes, Mom is happy. Becca, don’t tell me that you are from DE and never eaten scrapple, especially with the Apple Scrapple Festival right in Bridgeville! DE, MD, PA–Middle Atlantic scrapple territory. Elias, you are right. Mr. Bee will be our cholesterol completer. Yum, yum.

  2. I’m actually not from here (born in TX and moved to MD from NJ) and never heard of scrapple until maybe two years ago, somehow, lol. Not sure what Mr. Bees is, either, but excited to try both! ;}

  3. Lol! Actually, I’m not from DE and hadn’t even HEARD of scrapple until a few years ago. I don’t have a clue what Mr. Bees is, but I’m figuring it’s a breakfast thing like scrapple??

  4. Scrapple is love/hate – not much room in the middle. For the uninitiated, it’s somewhere between Spam and Alpo. It took a bigger man than I to hang with this shtuff.

  5. The thawed scrapple handled reasonably well and kept its original great taste. It did not want to keep its structure/shape when sliced, but still held together after a fashion, crumbly scrapple being better than no scrapple at all. Next time I will slice while still partially frozen. Btw, Esskay scrapple is available here, but it is not nearly as good as Rapa.

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