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Mike wanted me to do another post about search terms (like this and this), but I don’t feel like it. More importantly, not much has changed since then. The top phrases still have to do with rice bugs, hunan hand, and nude D&D cartoons. Yeah, there are one or two new phrases, like ‘arachnafist‘, but for the most part, it’s the same stuff.

More interesting to me is a link I’ve been getting on my flickr page. On one specific picture (shown above). The link is from Baidu, a Chinese search engine. It’s very popular over there from what I understand. Anyway, the search phrase is obviously ‘foot licking’. I’m guessing they didn’t get what they were looking for when they clicked through.

2 thoughts on “Search terms

  1. Yeah, Baidu has by far the largest web search share in China.

    Wow, searching on there now, the flickr page for that pic shows up as the #1 spot for “foot licking”, and still on the first page when without the parentheses. The odd thing is that the Baidu image search, where I first thought to check, didn’t show the pic at all.

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