Search Terms Update

Just thought I’d give you guys an update on our most popular searches. I always get a kick out of these. For the month of August, the most popular search term was “monkey bread” with 88 hits. The second most popular was “bot fly” with 9 hits. There must be some kind of internet fad going on with monkey bread right now; why else would it be generating 10 times the hits of other search terms.

Regardless, the full top 10 in order are:

  • monkey bread
  • bot fly
  • heathcliff
  • mandingo
  • zucchini bread
  • rice bugs
  • big bag big bag lyrics
  • homemade ant farm
  • really free mp3s
  • presto pizzazz

Two quick comments on this. First, of the top 10 search terms, 4 concern food (“monkey bread”, “zucchini bread”, “rice bugs”, and “presto pizzazz”1).

Second, only 2 of the top 10 represent “projects” of ours: “homemade ant farm” and “big bag big bag lyrics.” This of course assumes that the big bag search is referring to our song.

The combination of these two facts leads me to believe that we should retire from our creative efforts and make an online food magazine.

1 The Presto Pizzazz pizza oven is actually a popular search term and it shows up in various forms. It’s ranking would probably be higher if one counted all the variations.

4 thoughts on “Search Terms Update

  1. Or perhaps it is one small score for “creative efforts”. Maybe you did dream up the “Mandingo”, and people so desperately want to believe it exists, that they are googling it into reality. Protozoic is the womb of Mandingo.

    Personally, I think our hits will move away from food once the first meeting of D.I.C.S. (Delmarva Investigators of Cryptozological Sightings) convenes and they post their minutes.

  2. I’d be all over that, food is my favorite topic too. Lets make a sub-domain called

    -Mr Presto Pizzazz

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