Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon – Nude Shot of Diana???

In the 9th episode of the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon, “Quest of the Skeleton Warrior”, the kids have to retrieve the Circle of Power to save Dekion, an enslaved Celestial Knight. On the way the party has to face their greatest fears. Hank’s is that he’ll be a bad leader, Sheila’s that she’ll be alone, Presto’s that he’ll be without his glasses, Eric’s that he’ll be the laughing stock, Bobby’s that he’ll be treated like a baby and Diana’s – well, Diana’s is that when she grows old her tit will flop out.

Sure, the actual nipple isn’t colored in, but it is clearly there for all to see. And to think, with all the hubbub created by the National Coalition on Television Violence around the “The Dragon’s Graveyard” episode, Diana’s droopy dug went right out her animal-skin top and under parental radar.

So, big shout out to the horn-dog animators behind the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon, because now along with “puffy pussies”, “presto pizzazz” and “really free mp3s”, “Dungeon and Dragons’ cartoon nude pictures” will be among the top search terms for our site.

Thank goodness most of our potential new readership won’t be surfing in and looking at any of the content we actually spend time on or want people to see.

Nude blooper pics of Diana follow. Click individual pictures for a bigger wilted boob.

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18 thoughts on “Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon – Nude Shot of Diana???

  1. You know I remember this episode and never noticed that detail before… or maybe I did notice it and the semi-nudity of a sad and feeble old woman didn’t make much of an impression on my young mind at the time.

    Chock it up to geekyness or what-ever but I think I found the women on that show attractive enough with all their clothes (er… fur bikini?) on. Turning invisible or being some sort of barbarian/ninja/acrobat? What’s not to love?

  2. It is a good show and it actually holds up well over time. The new DVD release of it is great too – it comes intact with an actual adventure and stats for the characters in the show. Next Protocon maybe we can play it…

  3. That’d be cool.

    I was always disappointed I could never find listings for the magical items they had in the cartoon except for the cloak of invisibility. That ranger’s bow without a string that shoots energy bolts was pretty swank.

  4. I’ve had a request that we talk a little more about the boob shot in the cartoon. Here is a half attempt — has anyone ever used tit for tat strategy during an actual gaming session?

  5. Well it’s too late now that you have uddered it. So moooving back to the subject at hand:

    No I don’t think I’ve generally used tit for tat in D&D. The general strategy employed in games I’ve been part of was, “Wait and wait and wait to see what the enemy is packin’. And if you do have to fight use as much force as necessary to overwhelm the opponent as quickly as possible.”

  6. Or, if you don’t have much force, overwhelm your opponent by flashing a boobie. That should at least stun him enough to give you a chance to either run or get in a good hit.

  7. A clever ploy indeed.

    The only drawbacks I can see are if your opponent happens to be a woman (who’s not interested in other women “that way”), or so inhuman that exposing a little flesh just makes the dinner that much easier to get at.

  8. Actually… That’s not a nipple… the actual breast is still inside the bra. Look closer. That “nipple” is just a wrinkle, it matches the line on the opposite breast.

  9. I’m watching this episode right now and paused it to google “D&D cartoon boob”. Now, what the hell are “puffy pussies”??

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