5 thoughts on “The Futurists – Fear and Will

  1. Glad to see the strip is back on target with pornbots.

    The fat robot on the right with the fish needs to hit the treadmill. Is the fish Frank Ferdue or Doo-Doo Head?

    Long live the Verve!

  2. Elias,

    I am out of ideas for what the pornbots should look like. Do you have any suggestions?

    The only source of inspiration thus far is the girl with 3 breasts from “Total Recall”. But of course, that’s already been done.

    I’m thinking that the pornbots have at least 4 tunnels of love (it’s the future after all.) And for the life of me I cannot choose between earhole and eyehole. Help me out dude.

    As far as the fish goes, that’s a symbol of Christ. This is after all a Christian Comic.

    Just kidding. It’s an Ice scraper. It’s a replica of the one I made out of plastic in Mr. Van Dan Bosh’s Industrial Arts class. It’s tough to see the bevel in this particular illustration.

  3. Joe,

    The pornbots should look like Seka.

    If I had a choice between the ear & the eye, I’ld take the eye. Remember the famous line from “Full Metal Jacket?” “I will rip your eye out and skull-**** you!”

    You can’t get any pure than that.

  4. Man, that is some intense inflation/dry air in that part of the country. With the weather around here lately, steam dollars would be gaining interest.

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