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The Futurists – A Trap

A Trap

From the Editor’s Desk

Greetings Futurelads and lassies! Do we have some mail this week! Rachel from Wilmington writes,

“What’s with the Arthur link?” – Rachel

Rachel, that’s just a little inside joke on Thomas and Suzy’s parts! Here at The Bunker, to sum up the situation we’ve been saying: “how touching,” all week long! And guess what else, we heard from the queen herself, Seka! Referring to our Vega Pornbots, Seka writes,

“I thought this was very funny and is most likely to be in our very near future.” – Seka

The Futurists sure hope so! Be sure to check out Seka’s website. But be warned, it may not be work safe!

— Curtis, Señor Editor

The Futurists – The Swords of Social Contract

Social Contract

From the Editor’s Desk

Salutations and thanks for reading! Here at Futurists HQ, which we fondly call the Bunker, we’re always cooking up ways for more Pornbots. Problem is we’re plum Bo Diddlely</a href> out of ideas! And how about that Bo Derrick? Is she a 10 or what!</a href> This is why we love getting mail! Be sure sure to keep your peepers peeled for next week’s comic when a grocery bag mishap befalls one of our beloved robots, and Thomas finally asks Suzy out! Way to go Tom-Cat!!!

Curtis, Senior Editor