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The Futurists – Shut Up

Shut Up

From the Editor’s Desk


Wurt up that is

It be the Curt.

C-to-the-U to the R.T.I.S.! From London to Action Park.

I’ve always been a big fan of the Hip-hop community. “A lickey boom-boom down!”

Just call me MC Urtis masta’ of the Wurtiss.

People have always asked me, “C-Dog, why aren’t you on the cover of GQ?”

It is simple slick. That shit is EUROPEE-IN and I like my bread buttered on one side. None of that fashion bug crap for me.

I like rap like this — straight from Ewing.

With Rhythm and Rhyme,
Papa Curt

The Futurists Featured on Two Sentz Blog

The Futurists is now being featured on the Two Sentz news blog. Based out of Salisbury, MD, Two Sentz aims, in the words of its writers, to be “the antithesis” of sites like “Salisbury News”.

Even if you aren’t from Salisbury, or agree with all the views that Two Sentz supports, be sure to visit their site and discuss your own opinions. It is a great thing to have dialogue, so be sure not to miss this new and compelling voice.

Click here to visit Two Sentz.

The Futurists – Crash


From the Editor’s Desk

G r e e t i n g s d u d e s a n d u d e t t e s . T o d a y I h a v e c h o s e n t o w r i t e m y c o m m e n t s i n t h i s e x c i t i n g n e w s t y l e . I s n ‘ t i t i n t e r e s t I n g ? A r e n ‘ t y o u g l a d y o u t o o k t h e t i m e t o r e a d t h i s m e s s a g e ? A n y h o o , l 8 t e r s k 8 t e r z ! ! !

Y o u r s t r u l y ,
C u r t i s

The Futurists – Boss

Big Boss

From the Editor’s Desk

Greetings from the BunkeGGGRRR!!! That’s right, I said, “GRRRR!!!” I bet you are wondering why? The pet ferret is loose again and he’s a crafty son-of-bitch. Yesterday he got into the Honey Nut Cherrios, and let me just say that His Majesty Rudolph was not in the slightest pleased. The funny thing is that no one has actually seen Jerry the Ferret anywhere ferrying about.

This has raised a couple eyebrows and led some to ask the question, is it actually Jerry???

Fact: On Tuesday our handy-man came to clean out our gutters. He expressed a keen interest in Jerry and asked if he could buy him off us. We politely explained that Jerry was the Bunker’s pet, and wasn’t for sale as such. I’m not so sure if our handy-man comprehended. I think I saw his blue pickup truck outside the office last night at around 10:30 p.m… Maybe the handy-man has a taste for Honey Nut Cheerios too…

Yours in the Future & Worried about Jerry,
Curtis, Sr. Editor