Holiday Movie

Thom was pretty upset we did not partake in the annual holiday movie this year. In lieu of the normal video bacchanal, I made this. Much like Werner Herzog had divine inspiration to make cinema while walking in the Bavarian Mountains at age 14, I think I heard God(s) prior to filming Holiday Movie. In Herzog’s film, Even Dwarfs Started Small (1970), Herzog claimed to use a very special technique to get the actors to achieve their performances. The special technique would be immortalized in a Youtube viral video 27 years later, fulfilling the Herzogian prophecy that of all his films, Dwarfs would rank among the most celebrated. Thus, I likewise have employed a special technique with the actor in Holiday Movie. Unlike Herzog however, I am not at liberty to discuss my methods which are top secret.

Happy Holidays with much love, prayers of world peace, general happiness.


Holiday Movie

6 thoughts on “Holiday Movie

  1. This is where my tax dollars are going to support the arts?

    But who am I to talk. Not like I’ve done anything creative recently.

  2. Is that the same movie you linked to on youtube? Or part of it?

    Why do I get the feeling this is an hour and a half of my life I’ll never get back.

  3. Watch Even Dwarfs Started Small and I guarantee you’ll get the hour back. In fact, it is one of those cinematic experiences that will continue to give for years to come. It gives like Santa Clause, except there is no Santa in the film.

  4. Pete – Yeah, the movie… “Even Dwarfs Started Small” is worth checking out.

    Mike – Love the holiday movie, I remember seeing a similar performance while I was visiting your house. I now feel like my holiday experience is complete.

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